Online Bingo with friends

Ever played online Bingo with friends? At a time when keeping in contact with friends online is essential and can often be the only way socialising is possible we’re all looking for ways to make this as fun as we can. At Canada Bingo we highly recommend online Bingo with friends. It’s great fun, can be played as an individual person, in teams and could even be fun for the whole family.

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There are 2 ways you can play online Bingo with friends. An easy way and a way that takes more effort but the more difficult way has many bonuses and you could even get the whole family involved.

How to play online Bingo with friends (recommended option)

Playing online Bingo with friends can be great fun and a fantastic way to socialise in these difficult times. It need not be expensive as the prize (if any) can be anything you choose. We will go into more detail further on but prizes can be for cash, jobs around the house or literally anything you can think of.

We recommend using zoom as that seems to be the most popular form of video calling these days but we will go into other options that are available. It may also help to read our how to play Bingo on Zoom article. Read through the steps below for some tips for how to play online Bingo with friends.

1. Organise the best online Bingo with friends experience

Organising the best online Bingo with friends experience is all in the planning. First off you need to decide what platform you will use to play on. we recommend playing Bingo on Zoom but if not the following options are also available.

Skype – As one of the original video calling platforms Skype is still very popular. You can use it on any device and is free to use. Using skype you can have up to 50 people on 1 video call making it ideal for your online Bingo with friends experience to be quite a large group. The bigger the group the more fun it can be. Especially once the wine starts to flow!!!

Facebook messenger rooms – A Facebook messenger room is another handy place to play online Bingo with friends as everyone has a Facebook account (although you don’t actually need one to use this feature) and in general the apps on Facebook are easy to use. Plans are also in motion to make this feature assessible through Instagram and Wattsapp.

House Party – House Party is new to the game and is not recommended. House Party is very popular and does have benefits like being able to play other games within the app but is currently limited to just 8 people per video call making it not much good for online Bingo with friends.

online bingo with friends

2. Choose the Bingo callers

You now need to decide who the Bingo caller will be. It’s best to change this person every game as it can get quite boring especially at the start of the evening before the drinks start to flow. Can also be hilarious towards the end once the said drinks have been consumed. I choose the more serious people at the start of the online Bingo with friends experience to get the games going in an orderly fashion.

Then the; shall we say more enthusiastic drinkers to call the numbers towards the end of the night. It tends to go from people drawing random pre prepared numbers from a hat in an orderly fashion to someone just shouting out random numbers often repeating themselves.

3. Tickets for everyone

There are a 3 different options to generate your bingo tickets.

  1. Google “random number generator” and google will provide you with a handy number generator. Each player will have to complete this process and note down the numbers for as many games as you want to play.
  2. (recommended) Google “downloadable Bingo cards“. The bingo cards will be free. You can download as many as required then message them to your friends. Each player will then need to print them off to play. If a player does not have access to a printer they can still play using option number 3.
  3. Make your own. each player can draw a grid and choose their own numbers.
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4. Online bingo with friends prizes

When you’re playing online bingo with friends it can be just fun to play. You do not have to have prizes as it’s more about chatting and laughing with friends. If you choose prizes the 1st question is do you want prizes for each game or an over all prize at the end of the night. Both are possible in a home game of online Bingo with friends.

If you choose the 1 prize at the end of the night you can decide the winner through a league system. Where the winner of each game gets a point and whoever has the most points at the end of the night wins the prize. If their are joint winners the night can be decided by a winner takes all deciding game for the players tied at the top of the league.

Another popular choice is the winner gets to choose the charity to donate the nights funds to if it is a cash prize. Here are a few options for prizes below.


The obvious answer to what prizes should i have for my online bingo with friends is cash. But how do you do this? There are many options to collect the “buy in” and pay out the prizes. here are our recommended options below.

Paypal – Most people have a paypal account making this one of the easiest and most popular options to send all buy ins to the same place.

Bank transfer – With modern technology each player can transfer an amount of money to the online Bingo with friends organiser with just a few clicks on their phone. Money can be transferred easily and for free.

Other options are available like Monzo or apple pay but not everyone has a Monzo account and not every one has an iphone which is required to use apple pay.

Jobs for prizes

It doesn’t have to be all about money. Jobs can be a better and often more popular prize for a bingo winner. Each person / couple / household could donate a job to the prize fund. and then each game is played for the chosen job. This could literally be anything from your car cleaned, a cake baked, dinner for 2 delivered, a jar of homemade jam, a lawn mown or anything you can think of. The more creative the better.

You now have everything you need to play online bingo with friends. I hope you enjoy your game.

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How to play online Bingo with friends the easy way (not recommended)

The easiest way to play online Bingo with friends is to all play at the same site. It does not take any imagination as you all just register at the same site, deposit funds, play in the same room and literally just take over the chat. We recommend visiting our online Bingo in Canada page and choose a site for everyone to play at or make a decision based on what Bingo bonuses you want.

Share the bonus page with friends and they can all claim the same offer. Its important to note that using this method you have to be over 18 as gambling is involved.

Pros for how to play online Bingo with friends the easy way

  • There is literally no hassle. You pick a site, tell all your friends to claim the same bonus, agree a time to start playing and your good to go.
  • The money is kept by the Bingo site and automatically paid out at the end.
  • Each player can buy as many or as little amounts of tickets as they wish. The night does not have to be expensive as a single ticket can cost as little as a few c.
  • No technical no how is needed at all as the Bingo calls are called by the site.
  • Even your card is marked for you leaving you free to chat and enjoy yourself.

Cons of playing online Bingo with friends the easy way

  • The only way you can participate is with real cash (unless your all in a FREE Bingo room).
  • All players must be over 18.
  • You can not see your friends and can only communicate over the chat which is also used by all other players.
  • The winner may not be someone from your group.

Online Bingo with friends FAQ