How to play Bingo on zoom

People are looking more and more for games to play online with friends and a common question googled is how to play Bingo on zoom? We have created this guide on how to play Bingo on zoom to help you on your way. If you have any complete beginners send them to our how to play Bingo guide. or if your looking to play on your own check out our online Bingo in Canada sites for some incredible welcome bonuses.

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Guide on how to play Bingo on zoom

There are a few simple steps to creating the perfect online Bingo with friends experience. We have detailed them below so everyone will be able to learn how to play online Bingo on zoom.

Organise and teach your friends how to play Bingo on zoom

The secret to playing Bingo on zoom is all in the planning. here is a short list of what is required in the planning but we will go into more detail further on.

  • Who will play ?
  • What platform will you play on (zoom) ?
  • Who will be the Bingo caller ?
  • Where will we get the Bingo cards and how will we get them to everyone ?
  • Will we play in teams, individually or a mixture of both ?
  • Will their be prizes and if so what will they be ?
  • How will prizes be distributed ?
how to play bingo on zoom

Choose who will play

The first question is who do you want to play bingo on zoom with. Is it a Family night or do you want to play online bingo with friends. Invite all your family / friends and get ready for a fantastic night of Bingo and laughs. Anyone can join in. If your learning how to play Bingo on zoom for a night with friends then things can get crazy especially when the drinks start to flow.

If it’s with family you could get even get the children involved making some of the Bingo cards and joining in the fun. When playing Bingo on zoom with family there is often more than one person using each zoom screen. they can still play individually or as part of a team. It really does not make any difference but just easier to make little decisions like that at the start.

Create your Bingo room

The next step when learning how to play Bingo on zoom is creating your Bingo room. You need to send the details of your zoom Bingo room to all your friends or family members making sure to include the meeting ID and password / pin.

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Who will be the Bingo caller

As host you can be the bingo caller all night yourself, choose another member to call the numbers or take turns in calling the numbers so everyone can join in the fun. If anyone has a spinning bingo ball that will help but putting screwed up bits of paper with numbers on in a hat works just as well. If it’s a boozy affair the numbers seem to just get shouted out randomly as the night goes on often repeating the same numbers in the same game.

Where can i get Bingo cards?

The easiest way to get Bingo cards is a simple google search for “downloadable Bingo cards” or try these at . You can either download the Bingo cards yourself and send them to each player or each player can perform the task themselves. If a player does not have access to a printer they can simply create a grid and write the numbers on them with a pen.

If children are involved in the nights fun or if your learning how to play Bingo on zoom for children to play then making the Bingo cards can be just as much fun as playing the game itself. Especially if a theme is involved and they can show off their art work before the games begin. You do not have to gamble to play Bingo. It can be just as much fun without.

How to play Bingo on zoom with prizes?

If your playing for prizes you have a few options available to you.

Cash Bingo – If playing for cash you will need to collect the money. You can do this easily through Paypal or your bank account then send the money back to winning players at the end. You will need to decide the buy in, how many games you will play and the amount each game prize will be.

Charity Bingo – Charity bingo still involves a buy in (often small) but you have an overall winner at the end of the night instead of each game and they choose which good cause the money will go to. The easiest way to do this is create a league system with a player earning a point for winning a game. If the league is tied at the end of the night you have a winner takes all decider. It can all get very exciting.

Play for prizes – Each player or household can donate a prize each and that’s what you play for. Prizes can be anything from a bottle of wine, a baked cake, a household job or anything else you can think of. This is more difficult in current times with restrictions in place.

We hope you have enjoyed our “how to play Bingo on zoom” article and good luck with your night. If you have any friends that want to learn how to play bingo on zoom please share this page with them.

How to play Bingo on Zoom FAQ