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Join Bingo 52 right now and you’ll get a huge 200% first deposit bonus and 25 FREE spins! Simply register your details and you’ll get 25 FREE spins to play on the “wild candy” slots game.

They also run regular promotions and are constantly rewarding players with offers and bonuses. Always check for a Bingo 52 promotion code before signing up.

Bingo 52 promotion code

Before joining you should always check for a Bingo 52 promotion code or bonus code. A Bingo 52 promotion code can be used if there is more than one offer available and the bingo site need to know which offer you (the player) are claiming. For the current welcome offer you do not need to use any promotion codes.

Bingo 52 promotion code

How to join Bingo 52

Joining could not be easier. To help you on your way and to be sure you do not make any mistakes we have created a handy step by step guide.

  1. As you would already of noticed you do not need to use any 52 Bingo promotion codes. To qualify for the latest welcome bonus head back to the top of this page. Hit the claim now button. It will open the required page in a new tab making it easy for you to follow the rest of the instructions and you will automatically qualify for the bonus. When asked if you have any Bingo 52 promo codes you can ignore this question.
  2. Fill in all the fields ensuring you enter a correct email address and phone number as these may be used to verify your account.
  3. Your free Bingo and free spins should now be sitting in your account waiting for you.
  4. You are now ready to make a deposit and claim your 1st deposit bonus. Good luck.

Mystery Jackpots

One of the things players love the most at Bingo 52 is the mystery jackpots. Tickets cost just 10c and to add to the excitement you don’t know the prize your playing for until 10 seconds before the game starts. When the Mystery jackpot is announced 10 seconds before the game starts it could be anywhere between C$10 – C$500.

There are 51 mystery jackpot games played every day every 6 minutes. Check on site for exact times as these may vary. There’s nothing stopping players waiting till 10 seconds before the game and buying tickets just for the big jackpots but trying to beat the clock can be a game in itself. Games are played in the mystery jackpot room.

Bingo 52 Loyalty rewards

As well as the chance of winning huge prizes at Bingo 52 you also earn as you play. What do you earn at Bingo 52? Loyalty point. As you play your regular games you will earn Bingo 52 loyalty points rewarding you every step of the way. As you step further and further up the loyalty ladder the rewards will become greater and greater.

Rewards can be awarded on a weekly or even daily basis. Your loyalty level is decided by the amount you deposit per month. Every time you climb a step or colour in this case you will receive all the same benefits as your previous colours plus the new benefits that come with the new colour.

  • White members – You will start off as a white member where you will be entitled to daily free bingo, weekly access to the royal room, daily deposit offers and a birthday offer.
  • Yellow – Yellow loyalty members at Bingo 52 will get 3 x C$50 daily Bingo treat tickets, 5 daily free spins, 2 daily free royal room tickets.
  • Orange – Orange members will get 6 x C$50 daily Bingo treat tickets, 10 daily free spins, 5 daily free royal room tickets and 1 daily tickets to the BIG £10K Game.
  • Purple – Purple members will get 9 x C$50 daily Bingo treat tickets, 15 daily free spins, 8 daily free royal room tickets, 2 daily tickets to the BIG £10K Game, 5% real money cash back every week, access to Slots tournaments every week and special bonus offers.
  • Blue – Blue members will get 12 x C$50 daily Bingo treat tickets, 20 daily free spins, 13 daily free royal room tickets and 3 daily tickets to the BIG £10K Game, 10% real money cash back every week plus monthly access to the royal room blue.

Bingo 52 bonus calendar

There are so many bonuses available at this site that they have had to create the Bingo 52 bonus calendar so players can keep track of the latest offers and exactly what is available each day. You do need to enter a Bingo 52 promotion code to claim the daily offers.

Monday – Players can claim 15 free spins and a C$15 bingo bonus. Bingo 52 promo code: Monday.

Tuesday – 10% bingo bonus and 20% games bonus available. Bingo 52 bonus code: Tuesday.

Wednesday – 50 Bingo tickets and 20 free spins plus 20% bingo bonus up to C$20. Promo code: Wednesday.

Thursday – 50 Bingo tickets and 20 free spins and 20% games bonus up to C$20. Promotion code: Thursday.

Friday – 30% games bonus up to C$30 and 180 speedy spins. promotion code: Friday.

Saturday – 25% Bingo bonus up to C$25 and 25 FREE spins. Bonus code: Weekend.

Sunday – 50% games bonus and 25 Bingo tickets. Promo code: Weekend.

Although the Bingo calendar is an excellent way to keep an eye on the daily offers, this is just a sample of what is available at this popular Online Bingo site. They run regular promotions and are always looking for new and creative ways to reward loyal players. It is also worth taking a look at the “your loyalty rewards” section once on site.

Help and support

Help and support at Bingo 52 is available 24/7. If on the rare occasion you have a problem or you just want to ask a question you can contact the support staff via live chat, a toll free phone number, through a contact form or email them direct. If it is an urgent matter we at Canada Bingo would recommend the live chat. Why the live chat as apposed to calling them direct.

On the live chat you will have a record of the conversation and can take screenshots or photos of the conversation if required for proof. We do not see any reason why you would need to take these steps as this Bingo site has an excellent reputation and there are no complaints to speak of. But there’s no harm in taking extra precautions.

Bingo 52

Welcome Bonus: 200% deposit bonus + FREE Spins

New players joining Bingo 52 will get a 200% 1st deposit bonus and 25 FREE spins.